Big News!

Hello friends!

I am happy to share that I have launched a single from my solo album. The single is called ‘Piel Morena’ and it features Moncho Rivera on lead vocals.

When I first thought about recording an album, this song was the inspiration. One day, I was rummaging through CDs my mom had in a bin, and found one labeled, ‘Maelo Cora’. Considering my mother is from the Cora family in Arroyo, Puerto Rico, I decided to listen to the tracks and see if anything interested me. After a few skips, I came across the song and fell in love with it right away. I found out it was originally recorded by Mickey Cora & Orquesta Cabala on the album ‘Acumulando Puntos’ with Maelo on lead vocals.

Mickey and his father Mario Cora (RIP), are related to my maternal grandmother, Ana L. Cora. The singer on the original Piel Morena recording is, Maelo Cora, who is also related and just so happens to be my mother’s Godfather. On the version I did, my uncles Franky and Edwin Rodriguez can be heard on percussion with me. I decided to re-record this tune as a tribute to the Coras and honoring them as the first generation musicians in the family.

Maelo Cora sounds like a mix between the late greats Ismael Rivera and Chamaco Ramirez, so I wanted someone with a similar vocal range and decided Ismael’s nephew, Moncho would be the perfect fit. I called him one day, sent him the tune and right away he said, ‘let’s record it!’ - thank you, Moncho!

The song is available through all digital platforms such as iTunes, CDBaby, YouTube Music, Spotify, etc.

Hope you enjoy!