2016 - what a year it's been

2016 is almost over! The year has gone by so fast. As I prepare for my gig tonight with Tony Vega, I just came to the realization that some pretty cool things have happened in my career and life this year. 

Over the course of these 11 months, I've performed with artists such as; Tito de Gracia, Charlie Aponte, N'klabe, NG2, Jerry Rivera, and did some recording sessions for Jesus Pagan and other local artists.

I even made some great progress on my own album this year. Every time my friends ask me if it is done yet, I keep saying "I'm almost there". I'm happy to inform everyone that it is about 85% - 90% done and we are hoping to have it ready and in your hands by early 2017...so be on the lookout!

The highlights were definitely playing with two of my favorite percussionists of all time, Sammy Garcia and Tito de Gracia. Playing alongside both of these gentlemen is always a pleasure and is always a learning experience - but most importantly, lots of fun! 

On a personal note, I got engaged in July and am planning my wedding with my beautiful fiance Carolynn.

I'm truly blessed and thank God for the opportunities He has given me this year and look forward to making more music, improving on the little things and having even more fun!